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Why are notary lawyers required?

Notary lawyers are needed to give legal backing to documents. It verifies, authenticates, certifies, and attests to the documents. The Documents covered under the Notary Act are instruments. For example, Agreements and Affidavits claim to create, transfer, change, limit, extend, suspend, cancel, or record something etc. So Affidavit and notary lawyer in Kolkata can help you with this.

Appointment of a Notary Public in Kolkata

The Central and State government appoints Notary Public Officers under the Notaries Act 1952. He makes Documents legally recognised by the Court of Law. For example, a mutually agreed Agreement or an Affidavit will be a Notarized Document. Affidavit and Notary lawyers in Kolkata always are trusted to verify the documents. They also verify the identity of the person. Their work is to certify the originality of documents and attest to them as witnesses. Documents verified by a Notary Officer are accepted as evidence in a Court of law.

Types of Notarized Documents

We offer services for all types of contracts and affidavits that have been properly notarized by a concerned notary near me for affidavit. If you are concerned about where to make affidavit in Kolkata, you can come to our office or contact us online for affidavit services. We provide an Affidavit for general purposes, PF withdrawal affidavit, and confidentiality agreement. Also, contractual agreement, equipment lease agreement formation of a partnership firm. Others are general power of attorney Revokation of general power of attorney, indemnity bond, joint venture agreement, and living will as permitted by law.

We additionally offer the notarized documents listed below

We provide loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements, memorandum of understanding, mortgage agreements, promissory notes, existing business agreements, rental agreements for individuals, and rental agreements for the business. There are lease agreements for individuals, trade, and service provider agreements. Also, a vehicle lease agreement is on a Judicial stamp paper.

Being a Metro city of east India and a significant trade destination, Kolkata attracts many people. It includes students, traders, working professionals, etc.

Many people come to Kolkata for educational, employment, and business opportunities. At the same time, they made this city their home. They come here filled with dreams and aspirations. But find themselves occupied in renting and leasing a house. They face trouble finding a reliable person who can help legalize rent/lease agreements. People get in the clutches of brokers to get a rent Agreement or any other agreement. It requires their business to make documents Notarized. People usually try to misinform and exploit money at every transaction stage. Managing these in a busy city like Kolkata becomes exhausting. This process also consumes a lot of time and money.

We are trying to simplify legal services such as Notary Services in Kolkata. It is like ordering a cab to make your legal transactions in this city. This is one example of an Affidavit and notary lawyer in Kolkata. And at every step of your growth in this city, you will need the help of a notary. No matter if you are a trader, a business owner, or a professional worker, you will always need notary services. Every Agreement or Affidavit submitted should be Notarized for its legal standing in the Court of law.

We have the best-qualified people for respective roles dedicated to serving your best interest. Affidavit and notary lawyer in Kolkata understands the importance of your time also. So we try to provide our services in a time-efficient manner.

We will be your friend and a guide in your personal and professional growth journey in this city by providing high-quality legal services. Our online notary services in Kolkata will be of the highest quality and pocket friendly. We offer notary services in Kolkata at your doorstep.

If you live in Kolkata and have a small or medium-sized business, you can save a lot of time and money with our Online Notary services in Kolkata. It becomes challenging to find a notary and visit him whenever you need a Notarized document. We provide seamless Notary Services in Kolkata, where you don\’t need to visit a notary in the hustle-bustle of the city. You can avail of Notary services in Kolkata in the comfort of your home in completely online mode. We will be your

Virtual notary provider, providing Notary services in Kolkata. We offer the best notary services in Kolkata at a reasonable price in the comfort of your home. Affidavit and notary lawyer in Kolkata will not only save your time and transport costs but save you from the stress of the city traffic.

Our motto is to provide the best legal services. And we are keeping our clients\’ interest at the center of our every action.

How do we offer online notary services in Kolkata? and what steps are involved?

Getting online Notary Services in Kolkata is as simple as ordering your food online. You need to contact us and book an appointment with us. We will share with you the required documents for getting a Notarized document, along with the time and date of the meeting. You can contact us to get any Agreement or Affidavit as a Notarized Document. 

The steps for online notarized documents are as follows:

a) For Affidavits, Declaration, Indemnity, Power of Attorney etc

  • Need to submit ID Proof and other relevant documents
  • On basis of documents we will draft the affidavit
  • Confirmation of drafting
  • Signature and Physical Appearance before the Notary Public Officer of the concerned jurisdiction

b) For Lease Agreement, Rent Agreement, other types of Agreements

  • Need to submit ID Proof and other relevant documents
  • On basis of documents we will draft the agreement
  • Confirmation of drafting
  • Signatures
  • Execution from the Notary Public Officer of the concerned jurisdiction