Find unique property registration office code West Bengal

What is Registration Office Code West Bengal?

Every district in West Bengal has a District Registration Office and a District Sub-Registration Office in addition to the Registrar of Insurance in Kolkata. Each registration office has a distinct code number that serves to identify the office as well as the documents registered there. Typically, West Bengal’s registration offices have four-digit numbers that are exclusive to them. We’ve provided a detailed list of the West Bengal Registry Office codes below because we occasionally need them in a variety of situations.

West Bengal is a state located in the eastern region of India, which is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and economic growth. The state has a well-developed system of registration offices that are responsible for maintaining various legal and administrative documents related to property, marriage, birth, death, and other important events. These registration offices are distributed across different districts of the state and are managed by a dedicated team of officials.

Each district in West Bengal has a District Registration Office and a District Sub-Registration Office, which are responsible for maintaining the records related to property registration. These offices play a crucial role in facilitating property transactions, as they ensure that the transactions are legal and comply with the state’s regulations. The District Registration Office is responsible for the registration of sale deeds, mortgages, leases, and other property-related documents, while the District Sub-Registration Office is responsible for the registration of agreements, wills, and other documents.

In addition to the District Registration Office and the District Sub-Registration Office, there is also a Registrar of Insurance in Kolkata, which is responsible for maintaining the records related to insurance policies. This office plays a crucial role in ensuring that the insurance policies are valid and comply with the state’s regulations. It also helps in resolving disputes related to insurance claims.

Each registration office in West Bengal has a distinct code number that serves to identify the office as well as the documents registered there. Typically, West Bengal’s registration offices have four-digit numbers that are exclusive to them. These codes are used to identify the office while submitting or retrieving documents related to property, marriage, birth, death, and other important events.

Knowing the correct code for a particular registration office is important as it helps in expediting the process of submitting or retrieving the documents. It also ensures that the documents are processed by the correct office and there are no delays or errors in the process. In cases where the code is not known, it can lead to confusion and delays, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

To make the process of identifying the registration office codes easier, we have provided a detailed list of the West Bengal Registry Office codes below. This list is useful for individuals who deal with property transactions, insurance policies, and other legal documents related to the state of West Bengal. It can also be useful for individuals who are planning to relocate to the state and want to familiarize themselves with the registration office codes.

In conclusion, the registration offices in West Bengal play a crucial role in maintaining the records related to various legal and administrative documents. The distinct code numbers assigned to each office help in identifying the correct office and expediting the process of submitting or retrieving the documents. The detailed list of the West Bengal Registry Office codes provided above can be a useful resource for individuals dealing with legal documents in the state.

Registration Office Code West Bengal

A.R.A. I1901Kolkata
A.R.A. II1902Kolkata
A.R.A. III1903Kolkata
A.R.A. IV1904Kolkata
A.D.S.R. BIDHAN NAGAR1504North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. RAJARHAT1523North 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-I1845North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BONGAON1509North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BASIRHAT1511North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. AMDANGA1516North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R.BADURIA1513North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BARASAT1503North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BARRACKPORE1505North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BELGHORIA1526North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. CHANDPARA1514North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. COSSIPORE1506North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. DEGANGA1510North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. GUMA1517North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. HABRA1508North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. HASNABAD1512North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. HATHATGANJ1515North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. HELENCHA1518North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. KADAMBAGACHI1519North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. NAIHATI 1507North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. SODEPUR1524North 24 Parganas
D.S.R. I1501North 24 Parganas
D.S.R.II1502North 24 Parganas
D.S.R. III1525North 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. ALIPORE1605South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BARUIPUR1611South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BASANTI1623South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BEHALA1607South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BHANGAR1621South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BISHNUPUR1613South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. BUDGE BUDGE1610South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. DAKSHIN BARASAT1620South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. DIAMOND HARBOUR1609South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. FALTA1619South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. GARIA1629South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. GATESHWARA1616South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. JOYNAGAR1618South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. KAKDWIP1614South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. MAGRAHAT1622South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. MATHURAPUR1615South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. MALTA1612South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. PATHAR PRATIMA1607South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. RUDRANAGAR1624South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. SEALDAH1606South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. SONARPUR1608South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. USTHI1625South 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-I SOUTH 24 PARGANAS1601South 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-III SOUTH 24 PARGANAS1603South 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-IV SOUTH 24 PARGANAS1604South 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-V SOUTH 24 PARGANAS1630South 24 Parganas
D.S.R.-II SOUTH 24 PARGANAS1602South 24 Parganas
A.D.S.R. AMTA509Howrah
A.D.S.R. BAGNAN506Howrah
A.D.S.R. DOMJUR504Howrah
A.D.S.R. HOWRAH502Howrah
A.D.S.R. RANIHATI503Howrah
A.D.S.R. SHYAMPUR507Howrah
A.D.S.R. ULUBERIA505Howrah
D.S.R.-II HOWRAH513Howrah
D.S.R.-I HOWRAH501Howrah
A.D.S.R. ARAMBAG606Hooghly
A.D.S.R. CHINSURA603Hooghly
A.D.S.R. HARIPAL607Hooghly
A.D.S.R. JANAI608Hooghly
A.D.S.R. JANGIPARA615Hooghly
A.D.S.R. KHANAKUL611Hooghly
A.D.S.R. PANDUA616Hooghly
A.D.S.R. PURSURA612Hooghly
A.D.S.R. SINGUR614Hooghly
A.D.S.R. UTTARPARA621Hooghly
D.S.R.-I HOOGHLY601Hooghly
D.S.R.-II HOOGHLY602Hooghly
A.D.S.R. CHOPRA1807Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. DALKHOLA1803Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. ISLAMPUR1802Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. ITAHAR1805Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. KALIYAGANJ1806Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. LODHAN1808Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. RAIGANJ1804Uttar Dinajpur
D.S.R. DINAJPUR1801Uttar Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. BALARAMPUR1405Purulia
A.D.S.R. JHALDA1404Purulia
A.D.S.R. PURULIA1402Purulia
D.S.R. PURULIA1401Purulia
S.R. KASHIPUR1407Purulia
A.D.S.R. BHAGAWANPUR1117Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. BHUPATINAGAR1112Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. CONTAI-I1102Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. CONTAI-II1108Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. EGRA1105Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. HANSCHARA1114Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. KHANCHI1109Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. KHEJURI1115Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. KOLAGHAT1118Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. MAHISHADAL1107Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. MOYNA1110Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. NANDIGRAM1113Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. PANSKURA1111Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. PATASHPUR1116Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. RAMNAGAR1104Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. SUTAHATA1106Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. TAMLUK1103Purba Midnapore
D.S.R.-I PURBA MIDNAPORE1101Purba Midnapore
A.D.S.R. ANANDAPUR1016Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. BALICHAK1006Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. CHANDRAKONA1011Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. DANTAN1017Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. DASPUR1008Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. GARBETA1007Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. GHATAL1004Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. GOPIBALLAVPUR1014Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. JHARGRAM1005Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. KHARAGPUR1010Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. MIDNAPORE1003Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. NARAYANGARH1009Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. PINGLA1018Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. SABANG1015Paschim Midnapore
A.D.S.R. SILDA1012Paschim Midnapore
D.S.R.-I PASCHIM MIDNAPORE1001Paschim Midnapore
D.S.R.-II PASCIM MIDNAPORE1002Paschim Midnapore
S.R. MOHANPUR1013Paschim Midnapore
D.S.R.-II PURBA BARDHAMAN202Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. PURBASTHALI211Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. KALNA0207`Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. BARDHAMAN203Purba Bardhaman
D.S.R.-I PURBA BURDWAN201Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. RAINA219Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. MANGALKOTE212Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. JAMALPUR217Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. KHANDOGHOSH218Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. GUSKARA209Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. MEMARI210Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.KATWA208Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. BHATAR214Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.MONTESWAR216Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. GALSI215Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. MANKAR220Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.KETUGRAM213Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. ASANSOL205Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. DURGAPUR206Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.RANIGANJ204Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.KULTI224Purba Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. ASANSOLDOPaschim Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. DURGAPURDOPaschim Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. KULTIDOPaschim Bardhaman
A.D.S.R.RANIGANJDOPaschim Bardhaman
A.D.S.R. DUBRAJPUR307Birbhum
A.D.S.R. LAVPUR311Birbhum
A.D.S.R. MALLARPUR309Birbhum
A.D.S.R. MURARAI306Birbhum
A.D.S.R. NALHATI305Birbhum
A.D.S.R. RAMPURHAT304Birbhum
A.D.S.R. SURI302Birbhum
D.S.R. BIRBHUM301Birbhum
A.D.S.R. BANKURA102Bankura
A.D.S.R. BISHNUPUR103Bankura
A.D.S.R. INDUS110Bankura
A.D.S.R. KHATRA104Bankura
A.D.S.R. KOTALPUR107Bankura
A.D.S.R. ONDA108Bankura
A.D.S.R. RAIPUR106Bankura
A.D.S.R. SALTORA111Bankura
A.D.S.R. SONAMUKHI109Bankura
A.D.S.R. COOCHBEHAR802Coochbehar
A.D.S.R. DINHATA803Coochbehar
A.D.S.R. HALDIBARI808Coochbehar
A.D.S.R. SITALKUCHI807Coochbehar
A.D.S.R.BALURGHAT1702Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.BUNIADPUR1704Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.GANGARAMPUR1703Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.KUMARGANJ1707Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.KHUSHMANDI1705Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.TAPAN1706Dakshin Dinajpur
D.S.R.DAKSHIN DINAJPUR1701Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. ALIPURDUAR2003Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R.FALAKATA2007Dakshin Dinajpur
A.D.S.R. BAGDOGRA403Darjeeling
A.D.S.R. KALIMPONG404Darjeeling
A.D.S.R. MALBAZAR710Darjeeling
A.D.S.R. JALPAIGURI701Darjeeling
A.D.S.R. SILDA1012Jhargram
A.D.S.R. MALDA902Malda
A.D.S.R. RATUA905Malda
A.D.S.R. GAZOLE908Malda
D.S.R. MALDA901Malda
A.D.S.R. MALDA902Malda
A.D.S.R. AMTALA1212Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. AZIMGANG1210Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. BERHAMPUR1203Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. BHAGAWANGOLA1207Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. BHARATPUR1219Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. DOMKAL1209Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. GOAS1216Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. HARIHARPARA1211Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. JANGIPUR1215Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. KANDI1204Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. KHARGRAM1218Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. LALBAG1205Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. NABAGRAM1220Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. NIMITTA1208Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. PANCHTHUPI1213Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. SAGARDIGHI1217Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. SALAR1214Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. SHAKTIPUR1225Murshidabad
A.D.S.R. SUTI1226Murshidabad
D.S.R.-I MURSHIBAD1201Murshidabad
D.S.R.-II MURSHIDABAD1202Murshidabad

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