What is a Property Title Search Online? Best Land Lawyer in Kolkata?

The first and most crucial step before you purchase a home is to have a title check done.

To identify and confirm the legal ownership of your property, a title check involves looking through your property paperwork in the government\’s records.

Getting an inspection of the property, and running a property title search online on the property and verification of legal papers are a few of the crucial stages.

Today, we\’ll examine the property title search in more detail and discuss how it might safeguard your property purchase.

What Does A Title Search Mean?

You would probably believe that the seller has the right to sell the property when you purchase a home from them. If someone else with a claim or debt on the property shows up at the door, that assumption could have tragic results. A property title search online takes a look at the property\’s public records to determine who the property’s true legal owner is. If there are any liens or claims against the property that can have an impact on your acquisition, the property title search ought to show those as well.

What Makes A Title Search Necessary?

The initial step is just to identify the owner of the property you wish to purchase.

First, it’s possible that the present owner isn’t even aware of a previous title dispute. That is why one must find a lawyer and do a detailed property title search report format-wise.

Second, since mortgage liens and other debts, as well as easements and restrictive covenants, follow the property, not the owner, the debts of any prior owners may come back to haunt you.

If you forgo a title search—or if a property title search online is unsuccessful—encumbrances like unpaid property taxes, homeowners association dues, and bills for previous house modifications may fall under your jurisdiction.

Due to this, title searches and title verification are required by the people willing to buy property as a part of the property-buying process.

If you do not know How to do a title search on a property do not worry.

At Ranjit Mondal and Associates, we offer a full range of services for searching, retrieving, analyzing, and reviewing all types of legal documents and public records pertaining to any kind of real estate asset, including agricultural land title search, residential, and commercial properties, property title search online.

When attempting to determine the most recent owner of a specific property in India, either an Indian or someone from outside the nation typically encounters a nightmare situation and numerous obstacles.

They encounter numerous legal difficulties with “Title Search” because they lack full control or knowledge of their properties in India.

This situation is made worse by the fact that the majority of these records lack an accessible online retrieval system and are instead buried in complex manual record-keeping procedures.

How Much Time Does a Title Search Require?

Depending on how complex the papers are related to the property in question, a title search’s speed will vary greatly. A title search will require acquiring information from numerous sources, which could cause a delay if an office takes too long to answer. Once the Advocate has the documents, it can take a few hours or a few weeks to thoroughly review them for any unresolved issues. The typical overall turnaround time for most title searches is 1-2 weeks.

What is the Full Process of Property Title Searching by a property verification lawyer in Kolkata?

1. Document Inspection

The first step of the Registration of Immovable Property is to verify the Documents of the Property.

It is always wise to check the legal documents of a property before registration. People have to face so many legal challenges after buying a disputed property.

A smart buyer should always ask the seller for all the documents that are available.

They should hire a good lawyer who knows a lot about property law to check if those papers are legal.

A proper background check is necessary for buying immovable Property in India.

An experienced lawyer can easily understand whether any fraudulent paper is being given or not.

Our best property verification lawyer in Kolkata can verify any document related to your Property. Therefore you can be rest assured of the Property you are planning to buy.

2. Registration Searching

“Registration Searching” is an integral part of the searching process for a property. Ld. Lawyers check who owns a property by looking at the online records in the relevant Registration offices.

Jurisdiction for R.O. (Registration office) is decided based on property location. Our best Property Lawyers in Kolkata carefully analyse all the data available.

Therefore we identify the real owner/s of a specific property and the date it was registered. This process can help you find details about the number of times that the Property has been sold and its owners.

Our Top property lawyer in Kolkata can guide you through the Registration searching process.

They are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience with searching matters.

3. B.L. & L.R.O. Searching

If you are purchasing Land in West Bengal, you should hire a good Property Lawyer.

We often see that people face land disputes and court litigation after buying Land. If your land records are not clear, you may also face the same situation.

Our Best Lawyers for Property can help you check B.L. & L.R.O. records. With proper Land records and our expert guidance, you can easily register your Property.

We provide B.L. & L.R.O. Searching services so that innocent people do not have to face the legal complexities that others have before.

4. Loan/Mortgage Searching

Before purchasing any immovable property, it is necessary to check Loan/Mortgage records against a property.

In India, a person cannot sell/transfer/gift a property under Bank Loan/Mortgage. Although with permission from the Bank, one can transfer that Loan/Mortgage to the buyer.

If someone sells you mortgaged Property, you may face challenging legal litigations. Our best property verification lawyer in Kolkata can help you with Loan/Mortgage Searching for the Property you are planning to buy.

It is wise to buy a property that is free from all encumbrances. Our expert team of lawyers can guide you with the Loan/Mortgage searching process.

5. Court Searching

“Court Searching” is another essential process before buying a property.

In India, there are thousands of lawsuits going on because people bought the disputed property without knowing about it.

Therefore it is essential to go through the Court Searching process before purchasing it.

With the court searching process, we can find out whether the owner of a property is being prosecuted or if there is any pending case against them.

Our team of elite Lawyers for Property can help you with the Court searching process.

We can help you confirm the title of your dream house or land, as well as any other information related to your purchase.

This will give you peace of mind and security that your purchase is legitimate. We have the best Lawyers for property Verification in Kolkata.


One essential step in the process of purchasing a home is a title search. However, it\’s not the only step in the procedure that a property buyer can find complicated.

Understanding the ins and outs of the process is the best approach to feeling more at ease about your property purchase.

With more information, you\’ll be better equipped to decide whether the transaction is still in your best interests and proceed at your own pace.

Make it a priority to comprehend the procedures involved in purchasing a property so that you can enter your ideal residence with confidence.

Act now and begin your property title search online with our assistance. 

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