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Choosing a good and best lawyer in Kolkata is not difficult, but finding the right path and proper guidance helps you achieve the goal you desire. Our team of elite lawyers not only helps in solving legal problems for our clients but also prevents them from ever taking place in reality.

Our precious clients always tend to get substantive legal assistance from our lawyers for property matters and the brilliant top lawyers of Kolkata for divorce and other legal matters.Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ interests. We maintain a high level of professionalism and responsiveness.

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Divorce & Family Law

We assist our clients on matters of divorce, keeping in mind the nuances involved in family relations. Usually, matters of divorce where it is not mutually involving taking care of alimony or maintenance aspects.

Legal And Deed Drafting

We draft legal documents for our clients for all of their needs. We apply the law to the facts of a situation to write legal documents such as legal agreements, contracts, legal notices, sale deeds, gift deeds, etc.

Property Registration

Property registration in India is mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory to be considered a legal owner and avail the protection of the state against any infringement of the rights of the property owner.

Title Report & Searching

Title refers to rights arising out of ownership of immovable property. Before purchasing or leasing a property, thorough verification is required to protect the buyer from the previous owner's liabilities.

Maintenance & Alimony

We advise and devise strategies for our clients in matters of maintenance and alimony, whether separated or otherwise. We ensure that our clients' interests are well taken care of in this matter.

Criminal Matters

Our criminal law practice includes, defending our clients in the courts, obtaining Anticipatory Bail, Writ petitions, Special Leave Petitions, Criminal Revision, Cheque Bouncing Case etc.

Domestic Violence

We represent women who have been victims of domestic violence perpetrated by male family members or a relative of a husband or male partner against a wife or female partner.

Civil matters

We provide solutions to our clients on matters related to property law, family law, administrative law, contract law, business law, media law, intellectual property rights, sports law, tax law, and consumer law.

Flat, Land or any kind of Property Registration

Property Registration in India is Mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory to be considered legal owner and available the protection of state against any infringement of right of owner on property. We assist our clients in every step of property registering process. We provide full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. We ensure their Interest are protected at every stage. We assist in Registration of Land, Flats, House, Factories. even Power of Attorney, Declaration, Joint Venture Agreement, Development Agreement, Sale Agreement etc.

Documents and Property Registration Kolkata
Property Title Report & No encumbrances certificate

No Encumbrances Certificate

We assist clients in obtaining a Non Encumbrance Certificate to ensure that a property is free from any debt or there is no liability on the property. We assist our clients in fulfilling the Mandatory requirements of financial institutions like banks to grant loan on the property. We also assist in getting a Non Encumbrance Certificate required during sale or purchase of a property.

Divorce on mutual consent and with out consent

We assist our clients in their process of mutual decision to not live together. For mutual divorce both husband and wife file joint petition before the Honourable Court. So we try to ensure our client’s interest is protected. We try to get Cooling period waived off for our clients who are clear and sure of their decision. This ensures they can get on in their lives quickly. We assist in divorce cases of all religions and nationality in India, for example divorce under: Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Indian Divorce Act, 1869, Dissolution of Marriage Act 1939, Muslim women(protection of rights on divorce) Act 1986, Special Marriage Act 1954.

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