What are the requirements for the 5 Types of Searching from the Best Property Verification Lawyer in Kolkata?


Property verification involves verifying documents related to ownership, regulatory compliance, previous debt on the Property, and mortgage details of the Property, and verifying all these relevant documents for their genuineness and correctness.

We have the best property verification lawyer in Kolkata. We provide the best Land and property lawyers for property verification. Registration cost with the growth of the real estate market in Kolkata is skyrocketing. But we try to keep our practices honest and grow by helping a lot of people rather than charging a lot of money for a few property deals. But before buying a property, we must thoroughly check the chain of title with the help of a competent and reliable property verification lawyer in Kolkata.

Why should you hire a property verification lawyer in Kolkata for your property sale or purchase?

You\’ve probably seen or read in a newspaper or heard on TV that a building project is in court because the developers didn’t follow the rules.

Either they didn’t obtain some regulatory approval or obtained it fraudulently. This doesn’t only delay the possession of your flat. Still, courts often order buildings to be torn down because they don’t follow the law. This puts the developers in financial trouble and forces them to break their contract to give you a home.

If you want to buy a stand-alone Property, you must know that the person selling it is the legal owner. This is a legal assumption that has already been made by a court and can’t be brought up again if there is a dispute.

In other words, ‘I was unaware that the person who sold me the Property wasn’t the real title owner of the Property. Apart from the Title, if there is some pending tax or utility bill. This will cause trouble in the future if not checked and verified before signing the sale deed.

If the Property\’s mortgage isn’t paid off in full or if the title owner is using the Property as collateral for another loan, it needs to be taken into account in the sale deed. If it isn’t, it will cause you trouble in the future.

So, now you know why it\’s a good idea to hire a property verification lawyer in Kolkata. And also to have all the information about the property you want to buy checked and confirmed before you sign the sale deed. Buying a property is not an everyday purchase.

It has the potential to ruin the financial condition of a family if it comes into any trouble in the future. So, you can’t afford to go it wrong. We are top property lawyers in Kolkata, committed to serving you at every step so that you are 100% safe while buying any property in Kolkata. We will provide you with the best property verification lawyers in Kolkata. They know how to deal with property transactions and have done hundreds of them in the past.

How does a property verification lawyer in Kolkata perform property verification?

First and foremost, we verify the Title of the Property. We check whether the Property is free from any debt or is under obligation. If we find there is debt on the Property, we ensure that this is taken into account in the final amount being paid for concluding the deal. Other than that, we ensure that the Property doesn’t violate any law of the Land at the time being.

What is a Title of property search by a property verification lawyer in Kolkata?

Title of a property is legal terminology to describe the legal owner who holds the right to own that Property. Property is classified into two, i.e., movable Property and immovable Property. Movable Property includes any property which is not fixed in-ground, and even if it does, it can be exploited by removing it from the ground. It doesn’t lose its relevance by removing it from the environment. For example, if a house is taken out from the ground, it will not be exploited there. It loses its relevance and purpose. But if a standing crop in a field is taken out, it will not lose its purpose and can be used as food after processing.

Whether a property is movable or immovable, tilted exists for both. But Title is commonly used in immovable Properties such as Land and buildings. The Title contains all the information about the legal owner and date of ownership and acts as evidence in a court of law as the right of ownership.

How do we verify the Title?

The title can be verified by looking at the register record, the property’s sale deed, and any other necessary documents. Title verification on government databases is also used to verify the authenticity of these documents.

If the Title of the Property can’t be verified online, we need to verify it by going to government offices in person. It is essential to verify the Property\’s Title as the Property may not be in possession of the legal owner.

What is the Full Process of Property Title Searching by a property verification lawyer in Kolkata?

1. Document Inspection

The first step of the Registration of Immovable Property is to verify the Documents of the Property. It is always wise to check the legal documents of a property before registration. People have to face so many legal challenges after buying a disputed property.

A smart buyer should always ask the seller for all the documents that are available. They should hire a good lawyer who knows a lot about property law to check if those papers are legal. A proper background check is necessary for buying immovable Property in India.

An experienced lawyer can easily understand whether any fraudulent paper is being given or not. Our best property verification lawyer in Kolkata can verify any document related to your Property. Therefore you can be rest assured of the Property you are planning to buy.

2. Registration Searching

“Registration Searching” is an integral part of the searching process for a property. Ld. Lawyers check who owns a property by looking at the online records in the relevant Registration offices. Jurisdiction for R.O. (Registration office) is decided based on property location. Our best Property Lawyers in Kolkata carefully analyse all the data available. Therefore we identify the real owner/s of a specific property and the date it was registered. This process can help you find details about the number of times that the Property has been sold and its owners. Our Top property lawyer in Kolkata can guide you through the Registration searching process. They are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience with searching matters.

3. B.L. & L.R.O. Searching

If you are purchasing Land in West Bengal, you should hire a good Property Lawyer. We often see that people face land disputes and court litigation after buying Land. If your land records are not clear, you may also face the same situation. Our Best Lawyers for Property can help you check B.L. & L.R.O. records. With proper Land records and our expert guidance, you can easily register your Property. We provide B.L. & L.R.O. Searching services so that innocent people do not have to face the legal complexities that others have before.

4. Loan/Mortgage Searching

Before purchasing any immovable property, it is necessary to check Loan/Mortgage records against a property. In India, a person cannot sell/transfer/gift a property under Bank Loan/Mortgage. Although with permission from the Bank, one can transfer that Loan/Mortgage to the buyer. If someone sells you mortgaged Property, you may face challenging legal litigations. Our best property verification lawyer in Kolkata can help you with Loan/Mortgage Searching for the Property you are planning to buy. It is wise to buy a property that is free from all encumbrances. Our expert team of lawyers can guide you with the Loan/Mortgage searching process.

5. Court Searching

“Court Searching” is another essential process before buying a property. In India, there are thousands of lawsuits going on because people bought a disputed property without knowing about it. Therefore it is essential to go through the Court Searching process before purchasing it. With the court searching process, we can find out whether the owner of a property is being prosecuted or if there is any pending case against them. Our team of elite Lawyers for Property can help you with the Court searching process.

We can help you confirm the title of your dream house or land, as well as any other information related to your purchase. This will give you peace of mind and security that your purchase is legitimate. We have the best Lawyers for property Verification in Kolkata.

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