Model Resolutions on the Following Points to be in the Promoters’ Meeting (Enclosure- B)

Model Resolutions on the Following Points to be in the Promoters’ Meeting (Enclosure- B)

a) Election of the C.P. from amongst the Promoter members, with his / her name, address, occupation and the authority vested on him / her.

b) That the C.P. so elected / selected has not been appointed to function as such in respect of any other Cooperative Society within the State of West Bengal.

c) Adoption of name with registered address of the proposed society. Consent letter from the landlord for using the office premises as the Registered Address of the Proposed society.

d) Adoption of the bye-laws. (details of clauses drafted by the C.P. should be supported by resolution over and above the adoption of the bye laws as a whole i.e. authorised and paid up share capital, admission fee, number of Directors in the Board of Directors, quorum both in the General Meeting and BODs Meeting, fixation of optimum limit of cash, deletion / modification / induction of clauses in relation to the printed model bye laws supplied by the State or District Cooperative Union. )

e) Election of the first Board with office bearers like the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer – but no election or selection of Secretary to be made before registration.

f) Vesting of powers upon the Office Bearers viz, the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer and Secretary (to be elected / selected after the Registration) to sign, certify documents and execute Agreement Bond etc. on behalf of the society.

g) Consideration and adoption of the scheme of the housing project mentioning number of flats, number of buildings etc.

h) Submission of the approved housing project by the promoter members along with the application of registration or undertaking to the effect that the scheme / project as subsequently approved by the Plan Sanctioning Authority will be provided to the registration Authority within 15 days from the date of such approval depending on the ground reality.

i) Submission of a copy of certified Agreement Bond along with the submission of application of Registration or a copy of the Agreement Bond to be executed between the Cooperative Housing Society and the Appropriate Authority will be provided to the registering authority within 15 days of such agreement depending on the ground reality.

j) To open a bank account in the name of the society with any of the branches of District Central Cooperative Bank / W. B. State Cooperative Bank / Nationalised Bank / R.R.B with mentioning the address of the bank Branch.

h) To be resolved that the Bank A /C so opened will be operated by the Chief Promoter jointly with the Chairman but in absence of any of them, the Vice Chairman and the Treasurer together with the other present.

k) That this is the sole Housing Project by the proposed Housing Society in West Bengal and the society after registration, shall not sponsor any other project.

l) The Statement of Accounts of the society from —- to — is approved by the members.

Note- Enclose the statement of accounts along with a bank balance certificate issued by the concerned Branch Manager.

m) the mode of distribution of flats will be made after approval but before commencement of the project.

n) The Area of Operation of the society is ——————– ( mention schedule of land, sector, action area number with name and post office, road etc. as the case may be )

o) Authorisation of three names out of the promoter members to give the certificate as required under Section 16

(3) of the WBCS Act, 2006 in connection with point no 7 of the Part II of the Application Form (i.e. Form I).

p) Inclusion of any new member other than members organised the proposed society in its First Meeting.

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