Registration Process of Cooperative Housing Society

Registration Process of Cooperative Housing Society

Cooperative Housing Societies :

In West Bengal, cooperative housing societies have emerged as a response to the challenges of globalization and liberalization, governed by the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act, 2006, and West Bengal Co-operative Societies Rules, 2011.

Notably thriving in New Town, Kolkata, developed by HIDCO, these societies strategically shape the cooperative landscape, allocating lands for residential and commercial use, and categorizing cooperative plots by income groups (HIG, MIG, LIG) through a lottery system.

The cooperative development process involves planning, obtaining approvals, and constructing buildings with permissible levels, such as Ground + 4 stories for most cooperatives and Ground + 8 stories for bulk cooperatives. Co-operative memberships and flats are salable entities, offering investment opportunities and contributing to improving living conditions in West Bengal.

Registration of a Cooperative Housing Society in Kolkata :

Step 1: Purchase the required documents for registration, including 3 (Three) copies of Application Form (Form I) and 4 (Four) copies of Bye-laws. These documents can be obtained from various sources, including:

  1. West Bengal State Cooperative Union, located at 23 A, Netaji Subhas Road, 7th Floor, Kolkata- 700001.
  2. Office of the District Cooperative Union in all districts.
  3. Office of the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Rajarhat Township Area Housing (RTAH), HIDCO Bhavan, New Town, Kolkata-106.

Step 2: Obtain confirmation or approval of the proposed cooperative society from the office of the relevant Registering Authority. This step is crucial to prevent duplication of names and ensure the authenticity of the application. Before filling up the Application Form and preparing other documents, it is necessary to obtain this confirmation. The Registering Authority varies depending on the location:

  1. For New Town, Kolkata, the Registering Authority is the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Rajarhat Township Area Housing (RTAH), HIDCO Bhavan, New Town, Kolkata- 106.
  2. For Kolkata Metropolitan Area, the Registering Authority is the Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Kolkata Metropolitan Area Housing (KMAH) , 245, B. B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata – 12
  3. For other districts/ proposed societies outside (i) and (ii) above, Range Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies/ Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies concerned are the Registering Authorities.

Step 3:

i. Fill up the application form and the bye-laws in triplicate.

ii. Ensure all intending and eligible members sign the documents.

iii. Have the signatures attested by the Chief Promoter for both the application form and bye-laws.

Step 4:

Enclose the following documents along with the Application Form:

  1. 4 (Four) copies of the bye-laws filled in accordance with the resolution adopted by the promoter members and relevant provisions of the West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act and Rules.
  2. Photocopy of plot allotment letter, land purchase agreement, or deed of land.
  3. 2 (Two) passport-size photographs of all intending applicant members, including the Chief Promoter, signing the application form and bye-laws.
  4. (a) Either the latest salary certificate or copy of Form 16 reflecting deductions for professional tax and duly signed by the head of the office or D.D.O.

(b) Other professionals would have to submit the Professional Tax Registration Certificate or Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate, as the case may be.

(c) The government pensioner would have to submit a copy of the latest ITR and a copy of the pension payment order.

(d) Self-declaration as per model proforma (enclosure A ).

(e) Copy of the resolutions of all the promoters’ meetings.

Note- Model resolutions to be adopted in the Promoters’ meeting is enclosed (enclosure B)

(f) Copy of the application for nomination submitted by each applicant. (enclo C)

(g) Declaration of the Chief Promoter addressed to the Registering Authority as detailed under:

1) I have not acted as chief promoter or acting as chief promoter in any other cooperative housing society other than the proposed society.

2) It is the sole housing project sponsored by the proposed society.

3) I have obtained the affidavits, nomination, photographs in duplicate, salary certificate, copy of F-16, P. Tax Registration Certificate, and P. Tax Enrolment Certificate.

4) I will furnish all other related documents or information considering the nature or type of cooperative housing society as and when called by the Registering Authority.

(h) Statement of up-to-date accounts (receipts & payments) indicating the period of accounts. (model a/cs enclosure-D)

Note: (A) All the above enclosures, from (a) to (h) except the affidavit, should be attested by the C.P.  (B) The Chief Promoter’s photograph should be attested either by M.P., M.LA., / Local Municipal Commissioner, / Prodhan of G.P /Group a Officer of Central / State Govt.

(j) Any other document depending upon the project and nature of the society.

General precautions to be adopted while submitting registration papers :

  1. Ensure that any overwriting or cutting is clearly penned through, and any defects or mistakes in handwriting are signed by the Chief Promoter as a mark of authentication.
  2. When attesting the photograph of the Chief Promoter, ensure that the Chief Promoter writes on the front or back side of the photograph, indicating “photograph of [Name of Chief Promoter] is attested.”

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